Emergency Services say that the Search and Rescue helicopter made the grim discovery of a woman’s body in the sea off Puerto de la Cruz this morning. The body was recovered by one of the boats taking part in the search and transferred to the harbour. For the moment I am posting this as an independent item but tragically it appears very likely that the body is that of Amy Gerard who went missing in that very area on Thursday (see HERE). Obviously confirmation will come in due course one way or the other, and an autopsy will be carried out to confirm both identification and cause of death.


source https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/womans-body-found-in-sea-off-puerto-de-la-cruz.html

Woman dies while climbing in Arico barranco

A 30-year-old German woman died this afternoon while practising climbing in the Barranco de Tamadaya in the Arico area. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 5pm with reports that the woman had fallen, and that bomberos resuced her from where she...

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