Photo: Pablo Rodríguez Cejas.

The timing is coincidental, but that might be to its advantage. While Tenerife is shocked by yet another woman’s death at the hands of her partner, an El Hierro representative in the Spanish Senate, Rodríguez Cejas, has introduced proposals to provide trained dogs as victim protection. The Senator has met with the national Government’s minister for Gender Violence, Pilar Llop, and explained the details of the project where dogs are trained to protect victims. Senate VP and Equality Minister Carmen Calvo has agreed that a study of the initiative can be carried out.

The idea would see the dogs become an extra resource to add to the many provided by the authorities to protect victims of gender violence. The Senator expressed his gratitude to the central Government for its sensitivity and willingness to analyse the possibility, and said it would not only guarantee the security, independence and freedom of victims, but also improve their self-esteem. Under the proposals, the victim protection dogs would be classified alongside guide dogs for the blind in terms of rights, obligations and limitations.


Woman dies while climbing in Arico barranco

A 30-year-old German woman died this afternoon while practising climbing in the Barranco de Tamadaya in the Arico area. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 5pm with reports that the woman had fallen, and that bomberos resuced her from where she...

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