A 70-year-old man has been swept into wild seas at Puerto de La Cruz this afternoon. Emergency services say that they were called out after the man was washed away at the El Peñon breakwater (near the lighthouse). He has been transferred to hospital with leg and head injuries.

There are wild seas at present as I’ve posted HERE with videos of the effects of the waves on the north Tenerife coast specifically. Please be very careful near the coast, and avoid going in the sea while these conditions persist, and do bear in mind that the Government reserves the right to charge anyone doing anything that violates an official warning (see HERE).


source https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/elderly-man-swept-into-wild-sea-at-puerto-de-la-cruz-despite-official-warning-for-costeros.html

Woman dies while climbing in Arico barranco

A 30-year-old German woman died this afternoon while practising climbing in the Barranco de Tamadaya in the Arico area. Emergency services say that they were called out just after 5pm with reports that the woman had fallen, and that bomberos resuced her from where she...

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